Sunalyzer: App-based system to analyze sunscreen coverage

Unmet Medical Need: Sunscreen use has been recognized as one of the most effective interventions consumers can take to improve health outcomes. However, most sunscreen users apply only a fraction of the amount required to achieve full protection, putting them at increased risk of the detrimental effects of sun exposure, including skin cancer and photo-again. There is no product currently on the market that gives consumers a tool to identify whether they are applying sunscreen effectively. 

Envisioned Healthcare Product: Sunalyzer includes an app that allows users to identify areas of inadequate sunscreen application, thus providing feedback about the effectiveness and uniformity of sunscreen application and offering product differentiation for sunscreen manufacturers at minimal cost and with no regulatory encumbrances. 

Stage of Development:  Prototype development and testing

Collaborative Research Team: Ioannis Kymissis, PhD and Carisa Kymissis, MD


Columbia-Coulter Funding Cycle: 2016-2017